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Kiwanis Swimming Pool



The Kiwanis Pool is located at 25 Inglis Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, and was built and run by the Kiwanis Club of Sydney.

The pool is open to the public for open swims and lessons.  It employees about 25 staff and is home of the Cape Breton Dorados Swim Club.

The Cape Breton Dorados Swim Club has a long history of success in training competitive athletes. It also offers a program for non-competitive swimmers that emphasizes new skills, improvement, and fun. The Dorados Club does not offer swimming lessons, but a program of skills development that helps build active, healthy individuals in a teamwork environment. For those who wish to compete, the Dorados offers a supportive and educational environment and the opportunity to travel to events at other pools.

For further information please visit the 
Kiwanis Pool website.